Learning Activity 3-B-2

One of the most limited resources for teachers is time. RSS feeds are a quick way to access news and other information from the web. I’m kind of a news junkie; I like to stay up to date with news and events that are going on in the world. This allows me to keep my course content current. With an RSS feed I can combine all of the sites that I visit into one place. I like how it makes it simple to compare multiple sites and see news perspectives side by side from different sites. What may be front-page news from one source is not always front-page news on another. On a typical day, I visit 5-7 websites to see what’s updated. An RSS feed will help by cutting the clutter on the sites and delivering updates in a concise view. As I become more comfortable with using these feeds, I would like to have separate pages created for the key objectives of the course. This will allow me to have the most recent content that is targeted directly to the topics in the course.


One thought on “Learning Activity 3-B-2

  1. Justin, having a separate page for key topics for your course is a fantastic idea! Staying current with news, among other things, is crucial for some teachers. This will really keep you on top of your game!


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