4-D-1 My experience with Wikis

Wikis provide a unique way for students to collaborative on assignments. They’re simple to set up and for students to learn how to use. One of the most challenging aspects of using Wikis with a group was allocating the workload among group members. Since everyone is working at an individual pace, those that start earlier in the week naturally becomes the leaders and can end up completing more of the workload. This creates a challenge in which the early starters want to make sure the assignments gets completed on time, while trying to allow input from all of the group members.

I learned that wikis could be a quick and easy way to get students collaborating on a topic. Anyone in the group could make edits and additions without needing to obtain approval. This allowed everyone to participate in completing the assignment. I also learned that organization and structure on a wiki is key in accomplishing the task. Having group members who know how to use the various formatting tools helps to identify areas that need improvement or editing.

Most of the resistance in using wikis in my class comes from myself. With a collaboration activity like this, it can be difficult to determine grades for each of the group members. I would consider using self-assessment rubrics, like for this assignment, to determine each student’s grade. I think with more personal experience, I will become more comfortable with using them in my classroom.


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