5-B-3: Blogs for business education

The podcast that I chose to subscribe to is the Knowledge at Wharton podcast, which is offered for free from the University of Pennsylvania. In the podcast by Ted Leonsis: ‘It’s the Greatest Time to Be an Entrepreneur,’ he discusses the needs of customers in today’s market. This is a great way to introduce students to being an entrepreneur and the impact they play on advancing society. While listening to the podcast, students will list the needs of customers that were mentioned. They will then partner with another student to discuss products that satisfy these needs. As the teacher, I will call on each group to share their results. This will lead into the challenge of having students think of developing their own product inventions that satisfy these needs, getting students to think like an entrepreneur.

The Knowledge at Wharton material is a well-known worldwide reputable resource for business content. A lot of their online content is geared towards high school students and includes up to date content. I chose this podcast because it shows that entrepreneurs should have a passion about making something better, rather than just making a profit. I want students to think of entrepreneurs as making a change in the world and that customers are constantly seeking new products. This is a great resource to start off the course as we explore the possibility of students creating and running their own school business.

Link to Knowledge at Wharton Blogs:



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