Learning Activity 7-A-1: Big Shifts

Big Shift 1: Open Content

My school has moved away from textbook renewal orders for teachers. So, most of the content that teachers and students are using today comes from resources on the web. As teachers, the focus on knowing content has shifted to becoming contributors of the content. Richardson (2006) mentions that textbooks have been replaced with an “open-sourced classroom in which everyone contributes to the classroom.” Students are much more active in the learning process.

I see the open content of learning affecting the way I plan my instruction. As a teacher, I will need to be more of a leader, as opposed to a facilitator. The classroom environment will have to be designed to foster creativity and input from students.

I find myself gradually shifting towards using more and more technology in my classroom. This course has opened my mind up to using the technology in an online collaborative environment. I can understand the value of having students contribute to the curriculum.

Using the various tools that we have discussed in this class can facilitate this shift. Blogs, wikis, and social media sites are some of the great ways that allow students to contribute to the classroom.


Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.


2 thoughts on “Learning Activity 7-A-1: Big Shifts

    • It’s a mixture or OERs and online books. In the business department, we have an online textbook that the students have access codes for. Each year we need to purchase new access codes based off enrollment for the course. We also use SAS and other state/national sponsored sites. There seems to be a lot of free resources provided for personal finance.


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