Learning Activity 7-B-1: Paperless Class

How would a paperless class change your role as a teacher?

My role as a teacher wouldn’t change much with moving towards a paperless classroom. Assignments would still need to be distributed and collected, just like they would in a traditional classroom. It would require more work on the back end to establish the classroom as paperless, since most of my coursework is designed for a paper classroom.

How would paperless classes change learning?

Being a paperless classroom enhances the way students learn. They are able to incorporate various components to assignments, such as video and audio attachments. This allows students to make more connections to the content while using various learning styles.

How would you measure learning in a paperless class?

Learning in a paperless classroom can be measured in similar ways that it is measured in a traditional classroom. Formative assessments could be used in the form of online polls or responses to discussion questions. Students could also take summative assessments using online testing sites. While both types of assessments are used in a paper classroom, the format of each would be the main different in a paperless class.

Would a paperless space make it easier or harder to build a learning network? Why?

A learning network would be much easier to grow in a paperless class. Students would have access to content from other classrooms all over the world. The technology component would allow for easy sharing and communication of their ideas.


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