Learning Activity 8-A-1: Pixlr

Pixlr is a free online photo editing website that is similar to Photoshop. It provides advanced features for creating personalized images by using the phone app or desktop computer versions. Pixlr can be used as a web based application, providing access to users of all platforms that have Internet access.

Students who are spatial learners can use this tool to create unique photos that relate to the course content. These students can create flashcards for vocabulary words that incorporate images and text. In my class, students have to create advertisements and newsletters; Pixlr could be used to make images that relate to the products they are promoting. They can take the role of advertising agents, applying the principles learned to create print ads. For online classes, students can use Pixlr to create profile pictures that share their personal characteristics without displaying their photos, so that their personal images are not used.


2 thoughts on “Learning Activity 8-A-1: Pixlr

  1. Hi, Justin,
    I can also see tremendous benefits to using Pixlr in my own classroom. Students have to create their own Dystopian world in March, so I can definitely see finding images on this site.
    Thanks for the idea!


  2. Justin,

    You bring up many great ways to use Pixlr in the classroom! I really like the idea of having students create flashcards with images. I will have to recommend this idea to some of my students who I know are visual learners.



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