Learning Activity 3-B-2

One of the most limited resources for teachers is time. RSS feeds are a quick way to access news and other information from the web. I’m kind of a news junkie; I like to stay up to date with news and events that are going on in the world. This allows me to keep my course content current. With an RSS feed I can combine all of the sites that I visit into one place. I like how it makes it simple to compare multiple sites and see news perspectives side by side from different sites. What may be front-page news from one source is not always front-page news on another. On a typical day, I visit 5-7 websites to see what’s updated. An RSS feed will help by cutting the clutter on the sites and delivering updates in a concise view. As I become more comfortable with using these feeds, I would like to have separate pages created for the key objectives of the course. This will allow me to have the most recent content that is targeted directly to the topics in the course.


Activity 3-A-2 Student retakes

Being a teacher of a career pathway’s course, it’s important that I am preparing students for a career in the particular field. I try to make connections with the content to the real world throughout the course. In the real world, you may not always get a second chance. So, why should a student get to retake an exam? If they didn’t prepare for an interview, and performed poorly, chances are they aren’t going to get the job. No second chance interview.

I’m sure we have all come across a student who is just struggles with taking exams. Test can bring upon added anxiety for students inhibiting their chances to perform at their best ability. High school students have a lot of pressure on them to get good grades. They need to make the grade for acceptance into college, maintain an honor roll status or maintain eligibility for sports teams.

So, a student does all of their homework and has studied hard, and they think they have material nailed down. They participated and did really well in the classroom reviews. But then the day of the test comes. The results show just the opposite. The student has just failed the test. Should you offer a chance to retake the test or make corrections?

Our school’s athletic motto is “ We don’t lose, we learn.” Performing poorly on a test could provide a valuable learning experience. I like the idea posted on meachteach’s blog, where she gives students an alternative assessment to complete, not just redo the test. For her math students, she has them create step-by-step tutorial videos of the problems. It gives the student an opportunity to share their true understanding of the topics, without the added pressure of the exam. It can also provide a real life experience that second chances exist, if students are willing to put the effort into making it better.

Student Blog Project 2-d-1

Current events provide an opportunity for students to learn how to become lifelong learners. They can help connect real world content with lessons being learned in the classroom. In this blog project, students are assigned a specific week to post a blog about a current event. Students need to write a connection to a course topic, include their reaction to the article and pose discussion points for the class.

I like how each week students are given the opportunity to lead the class. Leadership is an important quality that students learn about in my entrepreneurship course. I could see how a blog like this would be helpful to include in my business classes, especially since new information is always being presented. Additionally, students can relate the course content to local business news from their community. These real world connections are an essential part of learning in business courses.


The Read/Write Web

The Read/Write Web has the ability to connect students with resources from around the world. Students are able to immerse themselves into the content by being contributors to the shared learning experience. I envision students using connective technologies to collaborate in a professional manner with their peers, teachers and professionals within the business field.

It is my job to demonstrate the advantages of how technology can be utilized in their professional lives. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for students to build a network of professionals to prepare themselves for their careers. Using this app in the classroom will allow for students to experience what it’s like to use connective technologies in a positive productive manner. Students are familiar with similar technologies in their daily personal lives, but many of them lack guidance in using them.

Today’s students have more knowledge at their fingertips than any other time in history! Both the learning environment and technology are forever changing. Therefore, it is essential that I am keeping up with the technologies that students are using in their daily lives. Instead of viewing this as disruptions, we need to find ways to incorporate these into our instruction in order to reach our students.